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 You can edit a support request or to change the status of the request for Pearson's assistance. 


(Click  to view image)

  1. From Support, select Support Requests.

  2. Click the checkbox next to the support request.

  3. Click Select Tasks, select Create / Edit Requests, and click Start.

  4. Select or type the information.

  5. Click Save.


After you edit a support request, Pearson receives it and sends you a confirmation email. Pearson will contact you with further instructions.

What's Next? (Optional)

 You can view the request...

To view the request, follow steps 1-3 in Step-by-Step, then click the request name on the left of the page. The request name includes the request status.

 Statuses and descriptions...
SubmittedRequest is in the system.
In ProgressRequest is being reviewed by Pearson.
ResolvedIssue was addressed.
 You can download attachments submitted with the support requests...

To download attachments submitted with a support request, follow steps 1-3 in Step-by-Step, then:

4. Click Select Tasks, select Download Attachments, and click Start.

5. Click the request with attachments on the left of the page.

6. Click Download.

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